Set A Limit

A dear friend once said to me in all sincerity, "Please let this be the last time you tell that story."

She said that to me as I emotionally recanted a situation that had recently happened that brought me a great deal of stress.  I told her about what she said and what he said with great conviction, totally embodying the low frequency energy of those I had distain for, in order to convey what I experienced with them.

My friend, being very keen to the flows of energy, recognized my embodiment and advised me to let the story rest so I would no longer be giving it life.

I agreed at the time but in my heart I knew I had at least 10 more people I NEEDED to tell that story to, and I did. And true to form, I kept that energy/entity alive.

Although I didn't take her advise in that moment, I did take the wisdom from the offering and have definitely grown because of it.

I'm not going to sit here and say that I am so grown that I dont retell stories BUT, I have implemented a strategy that helps me grow past this desire and that strategy includes setting a limit on how many times I'm allowing myself to tell the story.  Sometimes, just to be fancy, I'll set a timeframe limit too.

I also am more mindful of my motives behind telling the story.  I ask myself key questions like:

What is it you hope to accomplish by sharing this with this person?

How is sharing this story adding to the goal of healing the situation?

The answers to those questions usually are enough to check me and keep me from indulging in pettiness that is only going to lead to my own misery because I'm choosing to keep some shit going that I really should let go of.

This of course leads me down the path towards self improvement because letting go is simple to say yet not always simple to do so I often find myself searching for tools to help me get on top of the challenge rather than drown from the containment of old ass energy.

So, now, I offer this wisdom to you: tell new stories.  Share stories of victory and courage and love.  Share stories of being hurt with the intent to build a strategy to overcome the challenge with your sharemate.  Share stories that serve your goals of healthfulness, vitality, beauty, wisdom, and honesty.

What will be the limit you set for telling stories that contain drama?  How long will you allow yourself to repeat that same story?

Share, I want to know your strategy.


Some days just suck.

I do not tend to share my challenges with many people, I have a small circle of advisors that I'll share with most often. I dont tend to do much complaining because I like to talk about solutions and if I dont feel I'll get that by sharing with someone, I tend to keep my challenges to myself.

I tend to believe in the cycle of life and know that with all challenges comes a solution and I like to stay focused on that.

But, I have my days.  I shed my tears.  I break things.  I run.  I stand up.  I fight. 


Tiffany Janay