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Having defined Relationship Standards is the next step beyond putting your dream lover on a vision board and it also sets you up for success to be within win win relationships.


What are your Relationship Standards?   When it comes to relationships they are of supreme importance. They have a major influence on your thoughts, your emotions, your goals, and your overall quality of life.


These Relationship Standards are meant to encompass all your relationships and are relevant no matter your current intimate relationship status.


By the end of your sessions with Tiffany you will have a well defined PDF that is yours to send out to prospective partners.  You will also learn how to best bring this up and share.


Who are these classes for?  Anyone who is in adult relationships.  These standards apply to friendships, aquaintances, and intimate relationships.


Do you desire to shift unhealthy patterns within your relationships?  You will have to go to the root of your fears, insecurities, and patterns to uproot and create new healthy boundaries.


Here's what the sessions will look like:


Session 1- August 11, 2023 @6 pm- 8 pm pst

You will share past patterns and set new epic goals for yourself and your relationships

Session 2- August 18, 2023 @6 pm- 8 pm pst

Identify your Outer Circle, Inner Circle 
Introduction to the two levels of Intimate Relationship Standards. 

Session 3- August 25, 2023 @6 pm- 8 pm pst

Get clear on your relationship responsibilities you commit to in order to properly tend to your relationships. 

Session 4- Sept 1, 2023 @6 pm- 8 pm pst

Establish daily habits and a way to track them so you can make appropriate deposits towards honoring your standards. 


Session 5- Sept 22, 2023 @6 pm-8 pm pst

Gain confidence in communicating to others that are interested in being in relation with you what your standards are.


Session 6- Sept 29, 2023 @6 pm - 8 pm pst

Reflections and plan of action. 


These are very important teachings that have the potential to instantly transform how you relate to others. These are also timeless teachings that once gained are encouraged to share with others.


Now, imagine this: You find a person you are interested in exploring a relationship with. You are clear on exactly what you are playing for in life and are effortlessly able to communicate that to them with compassionate confidence. The interested party now knows if they are in alignment with that or willing to get in alignment with your standards in order to relate with you on the level they are interested in. No games, no hidden agendas. You are clear and empowered.


This is a group class so you will have the energ