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Surrender Retreat in Ecuador

  • Vilcabamba Ecuador (map)

Get your passports ready!!!  Lets spend 12 days and 11 nights in the town known as "The Sacred Valley Of Longevity", Vilcabamba, Ecuador at a stunning retreat center tucked into the southern Andes of Ecuador, with a population of around 7000 people in the entire locality.  Vilcabamba is famed for its year-round “spring-like” weather, fresh mountain air, stunning scenery and laid-back way of life. Most people find that there is no need for either indoor heating or air conditioning here – it’s a great day every day!

This retreat facility was selected because of the plethora of amenities that are available, with its focus being on holistic self care.  From a salt water pool to on-site steam room, dry sauna rooms, hyberbaric room, and full body massages you can schedule daily from your phone for just $30 per hour!  I knew I had to bring my clients here to provide this opportunity for you to do deep layered healing.

The intention of this retreat is to provide you with a space to focus solely on your healing and tapping into your inner medicine woman/man.  

For years my clients have been asking me to facilitate a retreat thats more than just a few days where they can eat healing foods, lose weight, and learn how to maintain it all once they return home.

"It gives me great pleasure to be able to offer this to you." 



There will be plenty of time to be to yourself and move about the retreat center at your leisure.


You will have access to our daily schedule on your phone or device which will give you optional activities as well as mandatory workshops.  Here, you can also schedule your daily spa treatments from the ease of your private room.

The amazing food, time, and space alone would be worth more than the value of this retreat.  However, we go way beyond that with many different activities, outings, and life-transformative educational workshops.  We've found the perfect setting for you to make a huge life changing transformation.

We offer food prep demos and talks on subjects such as how to heal from disease, nutrition, raw food, superfoods, weight loss, detox, water, and much more. Retreat excursions include horseback riding, hikes, river trips, local farmers’ markets, artisan markets, eating out in town, raw picnics and more!


The air quality here is pristine and the water is said to be among the cleanest sources in the world.  Retreat members experience clean air free from harmful particulates and enjoy bathing in pure, clean water, which is normally not available in their home towns.  Participants usually leave noticing that their hair, skin, and complexion are as vibrant as can be!

There are lovely houses spread around the land for accommodations.  Each bedroom has its own bathroom and around half of the bathrooms boast jacuzzi bath-tubs.  Even though all food during the retreat is prepared for you, each house also has its own kitchen area and there’s also washing machine access for all accommodations.

This is an adult retreat open to men and women. 


Detox, restore, rebuild, regain your power. Here is what is included:


  • 3 Gourmet RAW food meals per day

  • Unlimited fresh coconut water

  • Nourishing fresh cold-pressed Norwalk juices

  • Raw vegan pizza, pasta, hamburgers, sushi, wraps

  • Delicious cooked whole food options also available

  • Locally sourced organic produce

  • Alive food with healing enzymes

  • Decadent raw desserts

  • Raw vegan soups, salads, samosas, sauces

  • Unlimited gourmet raw vegan breakfast and dinner buffets


  • Excursions to local waterfalls and rivers

  • Horseback riding

  • Group trip to local farmers market

  • Bicycling tour

  • Hiking

  • Karoke

  • Dance parties 


  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

  • Yoga

  • Bodyweight workout classes

  • Meditation

  • Food demos

  • Expressive painting in the bamboo forest

  • Importance of Colon Health

  • Intuited Spiritual Readings with Smokey

Specialty Workshops hosted by:


Tiffany Janay

Holding space for you to develop a deeper, loving relationship with yourself is my speciality.

Releasing The Weight Of Emotions

  • Energy is ever-present and manifests in the physical to reflect our internal chemistry. In this talk you will learn more about the weight of energy, how to circulate it, and ultimately release it from your container.

Chakra Balancing

  • Much of what we experience both on a physical and energetic level can be understood through the main 7 Chakras. In this workshop you will learn about colors, crystals, foods, herbs, essential oils, breathing techniques, and physical exercises you can do to bring balance to your chakras.

Building Your Holistic Medicine Bag

  • There are particular earth medicines that you should always have with you to maintain your health and wellness. You will learn how to build your own Holistic Medicine Bag that will provide you protection, assist you with wound healing, building your immune system, and provide stress relief when needed.

Healing Through Food

  • Increase your education on what the foods that can provide supreme nourishment to your body. We will discuss in-depth the various levels of healthy living from: bridge food, healthy foods on a budget, kitchen equipment must haves, eating an all plant based diet, and how to maintain a diet where budget is not of concern. Includes food demos.



Anthony Strayhorn

I create the experience of connecting exercising, health and self awareness all together that is experienced in a holistic “game”.

Anaerobic Movement (Strength & Conditioning)

  • During this session, attendees will perform basic calisthenic movements and other free flowing body movements. This will create more meaning, context, and expanded understanding to why exercise and movement are part of creating vitality and longevity in our life.

Aerobic Movement (Cardio)

  • The importance of breath will be vastly explored in this session as an essential element in finding a connected and empowering cardio experience. In this session, the attendee will engage in runs and walks where we will explore the metaphysical underlying of cardio movement.

Elongation (Flexibility)

  • The elongation of our bodies ties very deeply to the relationship of trust, vulnerability, and openness to ourselves, others, and life. How much we trust and surrender to the process of life from a metaphysical perspective will be explored in this session.


Retreat Facilities

  • Salt water swimming pool with waterslides

  • Ping pong table

  • Board games

  • Trampoline

  • Cold plunge pool

  • Far infra-red & dry sauna

  • Steam room with purified & ozonated water

  • Basketball court

  • Weight room

Spa Services (not included in price of retreat)

  • Massages (Available for $30 per hour)

  • Chiropractic adjustments (Available for $30 per session)

  • Hyperbaric Chamber (Available for $30 per hour)


  • 6 Master bedrooms with private bathroom/optional for jacuzzi spa tub

  • Private suites with attached bathroom

  • Yurt co-ed community sleeping