Aloha Womb Yoga

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Aloha Womb Yoga


Join hostess Tiffany Janay for a 90 minute journey through movement and meditation to bring you closer in relation to your womb space.

Most of us have only ever been taught that our womb is for pleasure and procreation. We also have been taught to be ashamed or inconvenienced by the fact that it bleeds with the cycles of the moon so we’ve done our best to hide that part of us and make it go away.

What you may not have been taught is how magical your womb is and how powerful it is to create not only human life but it also can birth any new version of yourself whenever you need it. The quality of your creations is highly influenced to the strength of your relationship with your womb space.


Let’s cleanse. Let’s strengthen. Let’s tune in.

Tiffany Janay is best known for her work through and is also a Sacred Woman, certified Crystal Healer, a yoga instructor, and a lifelong devotee to holistic living and spiritual development.

During our time together you will be guided through a womb connecting meditation, a gentle yoga flow that incorporates kegal exercises so that you may feel the strength that is gained when you physically tighten the entrance to your sacred portal.

The evening will include a Yoni Egg presentation ceremony, sound healing, and a live performance from classically trained opera vocalist and performer Jennifer Schmidt.

Included with your purchase is a Yoni Egg of your choice of Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, or Crystal Quartz. The power of each one will be explained to you at the event.

Our collective intention for the evening is that you begin a new journey in complete Aloha with your womb and empowered with the insight and tools to keep progressively building a stronger . bond with her.

Space is very limited so please secure your space ASAP.

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