Golden Sun Body Butter


Golden Sun Body Butter

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Gold Sun Body Butter is a blend of luxury oils and essential oils designed to protect your skin from harsh UV rays, as well as smooth out the skin, give it an extremely soft feeling, and enhance the golden hue within your skin tone.

Each of the ingredients have been chosen because of their known abilities to be nourishing to the skin.  Each one is made from a natural source and contains no artificial scents (perfumes) and could technically be eaten, making it great for the skins digestion.

The oils are melted together by being placed outside under the Hawaiian sun for at least 24 hours.  

Our Gold Sun Body Butter comes in a glass bottle to maintain its integrity of luxury ingredients and to ensure you are putting something on your skin that your entire body will appreciate throughout time, making this a classic formula to be enjoyed by everyone in your family.

Gold Sun Body Butter can be used on whole body, from head to toes, including your hair.  Excellent for nourishing your babies skin and giving them a great start towards a lifelong journey of beautiful, glowing skin and healthy hair.


"I started using your sun body butter a few weeks ago and girl this is the first and only thing that has started lightening up my dark spots and evening my skin tone. I looove it. My son loves it too, we be shining like new pennies and glowing!!" Nubia

"This golden sun body butter is EVERYTHING! I live in Arizona and it is incredibly dry here.

I had been searching for a product that wouldn't be too heavy or clog my pores in the Arizona heat AND wouldn't be so light that it would evaporate as soon as I stepped out of the house.

Tiffany's golden sun body butter has been the perfect balance!!!! I love that it has spf in it. I can get a beautiful golden tan while staying hydrated, it's not harmful to the water and leaves my skin so soft for days.

After using it so often, my skin is overall much more hydrated; to the point where I may not use any one day and I don't get as ashy as I used to.

It's great! I bought a few jars when I was in Maui on retreat with Tiffany and used it all up. I loved it so much, I had her send me more on rush order.

I carry a jar in my purse just in case, and I've taken it with me everywhere. It works great in any climate: the desert, or tropical, humid setting.

I can only imagine the wonders it does in the cold <3. I use it practically everyday and my skin loves it." Tanya

“I had been using my sisters body butter and finally ran out just before I purchased yours and even after staying away from foods with gluten for months at a time the bumps would not totally go away.

I used your body butter for not even a week and they have completely cleared up! I also got a cut or scratch on my thigh and within a week it has pretty much blended in and barely visible.

I will be buying a bigger bottle soon and keeping the smaller ones for traveling.” Nef 

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The benefits of each of these oils are as follows~

Shea Butter- The thick and creaminess of this butter is suitable for nourishing the skin and hair.  Another great oil for sun protection with an SPF 6. Very useful for combating dry skin and bringing in major doses of moisturizing properties.  A known skin superfood, Shea butter can help improve overall skin tone by softening it thus reducing wrinkles.

Coconut Oil- A major benefit to skin as it is anti fungal, anti bacterial, and has an extremely high SPF count to help protect.  Its known for helping the skin to retain moisture, it gives your skin a healthy looking glow, and thanks to the vitamin E content, it can assist with reducing premature aging.

Argan Oil- A very special oil from Morocco and the scent and feel transports your senses somewhere exotic.  It is high in Vitamin A and E and is packed full with antioxidants. It has been credited with aiding skin in toning, moisturizing, improving acne, and improving the sight of stretch marks.  Known also to assist with hair growth.

Cacao Butter- Known for preventing dryness of skin, soothes burns, fights signs of aging, and the smell transports you straight to a tropical island.

Cucumber Seed Oil-  This oil is as refreshing as it sounds.  It absorbs quickly and nourishes the skin on a deep cellular level.  Another oil that is known for its anti-aging properties which is important when loving the skin after exposure to the sun.  Has been credited with helping with gout, soothing the flare ups from arthritis, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and treat common skin issues.

Raspberry Seed Oil-  This oil is a natural sun protectant, measuring in at around an SPF of 25-50, it has been listed as a top addition to daily skin care products to help with deflecting the harsh rays of the sun.  In addition to it being a great idea for daily use it also can be beneficial for eczema, dry skin, itchy or scaly skin, psoriasis, acne or for healing skin blemishes.

Carrot Seed Oil-  Being that it is very high in antioxidants, it can be said this oils super power is being a anti-aging hero.  Its very moisturizing, high in vitamins A & C, and is super high in SPF with a count around 38-40.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils- A blend of essential oils are added to bring further benefit to the skins regeneration and beauty.  Can include: frankincense, geranium, or helichrysium.