Surrender Retreat in Ecuador - July 15-26 2019

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Surrender Retreat in Ecuador - July 15-26 2019

from 350.00

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  • 6 Master bedrooms with private bathroom (3 of which have a jacuzzi tub)

  • Private suites with attached bathroom

  • Yurt co-ed community sleeping


SAVE $300 by making your deposit by April 30th!!

  • $5300 private room for couple with jacuzzi tub 

  • $5200 private room for couple

  • $4100 single room 

  • $3700 shared room 

  • $3500 Yurt 

Pay in Full Gift: 4 massages, box of prosperity crystals, 2 Hyperbaric treatments, 1 Chiropractor session.


If you are paying in full please add your preferred accommodation to the cart.  If you'd like to make payment plans, add the appropriate deposit amount to your cart.  Once we receive your deposit we will send you a link in which you will use to set up your payment plans.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available by making a $350 deposit or $500 a for couple.  If you'd like to make a larger deposit to bring your payments down please contact us. Once your deposit is received we will email you to set up your remainder payments.

All payments must be made by June 1 2019.  You will be billed bi-weekly.  Payment plan options adds a $25 per month service fee on to the cost.  Late payments incur a $50 service fee for each late payment paid 2 weeks after original payment date.  ALL PAYMENTS MADE ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!


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Most people fly into either Quito or Guayaquil airport; either is fine. Then you take a domestic, 1 hour TAME ( flight to Loja airport and we’ll send a trusted taxi to collect you. The journey from Loja airport to the retreat center takes around 1.5 hours.

To purchase your international tickets, we find that usually has the best bargains.  You might have to check a few days before and after the dates you want to fly for best rates.  Sometimes booking a couple of days earlier than the retreat will mean a lower priced ticket.  We also sometimes find even better deals by going direct to the airlines' websites, such as the American Airlines site.  

Another great resource is using the app HOPPER.  You can "watch" the flight and it will notify you when its the best time to purchase.


If you stay overnight in your arrival city, such as in Quito, there are of course many places to stay – you might check a site such as deals and recommendations, though do be aware that the Quito airport moved recently and is significantly further away from the city now. The best place that we’ve stayed at lately near the new airport is the “Quinta Natura Hotel".


People from most countries can enter Ecuador for 90 days each year with no visa… then if you want to be here longer, you can get a 90 day or 180 day visa in one of the big cities like Cuenca, Quito etc. Check online or with your own embassy for entry requirements for your country. We know of no vaccination requirements to enter Ecuador – again, research this for your own country and situation if you have any concerns. Please note that your passport must be valid for at least six more months after your arrival date, or you will not be permitted to enter Ecuador (this is a pretty standard condition of international travel). It's worth checking your passport quickly to make sure this will not be an issue for you - we've had people arrive late to retreat before due to this hold up!


If you are looking to arrive a few days early and/or leave a few days later in order to avoid high air fares that can be associated with arriving on a specific date, we can accommodate you. The cost is $125 per person per night for lodging, which generally includes gourmet Raw Food (the chef is usually here 3 days before and after the retreat).  Please let us know how many extra days on site you may require and for exactly which dates.


Ecuador uses the American Dollar as currency. It is definitely advisable to bring US$, rather than trying to change other currencies here. It is also best to bring SMALL notes/bills – $1, $5, $10, $20 notes/bills are easiest to work with… There are also a few little ATMs in Vilcabamba town, although they are not always very reliable.


We use all of our appliances from the US here with no issue… this would not apply to standard European appliances.


We have great internet service here that is usually quite stable and reliable. For the retreat, internet will be offered in all houses free of charge.


Swimming clothes, sun hat, layers of clothing are a good idea, with at least one warm jumper/sweater as it can be a little cold in the evenings/early mornings, light raincoat if you like, walking shoes, notepad and pens, water bottle, natural sunscreen if you like (remember we live almost at the equator – the sun here can be *very* strong), tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil to stop any itching from bug bites, natural bug repellent, long tops and bottoms to protect arms/legs from insect bites, torch/flashlight (*essential*, as it can be very dark here at night), any natural personal products that you use and may not be able to easily find here (please note that we use grey water systems on the land that feed house water directly into the gardens/forests, so we do not welcome chemical products here), oh and of course don’t forget to bring your senses of humour, curiosity and fun! ...and just so you know, we have washing machines, laundry detergent and washing lines available for your use in various locations at our property, so that you can wash clothes while on retreat. This might mean that you can pack less than you were maybe planning!


Most locals do not speak English, so the more you can communicate in Spanish, the easier things can be here for you… You can certainly also get by here with no Spanish though…