Manifestation Class- New moon, sacred geometry, numerology, words of power


Manifestation Class- New moon, sacred geometry, numerology, words of power


Tiffany Janay is a Certified Crystal Healer, Sacred Woman, Woman Empowerment Coach, Manifestation Coach, avid world traveler, and has served as a mentor muse to thousands.

As a manifestation coach for nearly a decade, she has helped co-create her clients visions into existence with great results.

2018 is said to be the year of manifestation as 2017 was new beginnings. Now that we are half way through the year, lets make sure we utilize the remainder of our time focused on our path!

Since manifestation is fertile all year, lets work on learning the moon cycles and shifting our self talk to words that support our goals. 

On this 2 hour class you can expect:

- New Moon Manifestation techniques
-Powerful mantras to vibrate on
- Intention setting ceremony
- Useable ways to increase how you value yourself so you can feel comfortable living within your big goals.

- Guided Planting Ceremony to utilize sacral chakra energy to plant your manifestations.

This class was recorded live on July 12, 2018 and contains potent timeless sound vibrations for you to utilize to step into the Creator seat of your life.

Upon competition of your order you will immediately be sent a download link to access this class so that your manifestation improvement begins the second you press play.


“I manifested a trip to Hawaii! I'm getting in the habit of planning well and envisioning my self winning. High vibes. Reviewing the videos and doing the 3 Moon Manifestation process again. This time with more confidence in myself and abilities.” LL

“I manifested new business partners. The connections I need are falling in my lap.” SB

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