NYE EVE Party!!

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Hello, 2019!.png
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NYE EVE Party!!


Join your hostess Tiffany Janay for her annual NYE EVE PARTY!!

When: December 30th at 7 PM EST

Where: Anywhere in the world… its a virtual party!!

This annual party has become a household favorite by many!! Its an evening to spend preparing for 2019 in a very powerful way. Each year we all set our “New Years Resolutions” in hopes that we will really make a change in the ways we do life by dropping old habits and mindsets.

Its a great goal to have but if you don’t spend time gaining the tools that will actually help you in making the changes, those same resolutions will continue to show up on your list year after year.

Your hostess Tiffany Janay will guide you on a magical journey with some of her trusted colleagues that will mentally prepare you to transmute the energy of 2019 to be for your highest and best.

We will discuss relationships, finances, health, and astrology.

The evening will open up with a meditation and will be packed full with expert guests and personal insight from Tiffany!

*This party will be recorded and available to you listen to whenever you’d like so if you can’t make it live, don’t trip. The benefit of showing up live is being able to ask questions.*


Jetsetting Jasmine:

Jetsetting Jasmine has created a beautiful lifestyle for herself that includes a dynamic partnership and sexually freedom for each of them. Jasmine and her partner King Noire own a porn company and travel the world teaching kink. They are a beautiful couple that has deep love and respect for each other yet they are 100% honest about their desires to share time with people outside of their relationship. How does that work?!!!

Jetsetting Jasmine will share tips with you on how to present our true selves in full entirety without shame, guilt or embellishment. Tips to allow you and your partner(s) to live life freely and honestly.

Whether you are monogamous or open, learning more about how to bring truth to be spoken can help any relationship.

Arielle Loren

Arielle Loren is a Harvard Trained business strategist and has worked to help hundreds of thousands of women to succeed more in their business goals. Every woman is an entrepreneur even if you work a full time job. Managing your life and finances while leveraging your talents for pay makes you a business woman!

Arielle will give tips and strategies for women entrepreneurs to get business funding and she’ll give you insight on how to scale to 100K in sales for 2019!

Chartreuse Barriere

Our expert astrologist for the evening will give us a 2019 astro forecast with all the major aspects, eclipses, and retrogrades that we should be aware of. This way, we can plan accordingly and use all of the planets twists and turns for our growth and evolution.

Anthony Stayhorn

Will share with you some vital insight into the metaphysics of exercise. Did you know that each type of exercise we do relates to how you are dealing with a particular set of emotions? Having a greater understanding of this can really help you alleviate your day to day stress and have you show up more powerfully in 2019. This info may be just what you need to take exercising seriously!

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