6 Month Personal Coaching


6 Month Personal Coaching


My speciality as a Coach is co-creating with my clients to bring their visions to life by developing their character and increasing how they value themselves.

At this point in my career I have coached thousands and have greatly benefited my clients that are serious about transforming to accomplish big huge goals in their lives.

Within my sessions I focus on career moves, personal development, increasing self esteem, becoming comfortable with expressing your sexual energy, moving past trauma, improving your diet and lifestyle, as well as becoming a master of your mind, and traveling the world.

The determining factor in whether or not we will be successful together is based 100% on your dedication to your own transformation.

As a Coach, I will be unwavering in my dedication to holding space for your greatness.  When you tell me what you want to accomplish for yourself I am locked in to getting there and I expect you to be just as committed.

I won't over convince you or chase you down.  This is your life.  These are your goals and in order to move into the space of being a person that is a master of your own time and life you will begin becoming that person the moment we start our sessions by staying committed to the process.

During your session, sacred space will be created for you and you will have the undivided attention of Tiffany.  You will walk away with a plan of action that will include practical steps to take to bring your vision to life.

If this resonates with you and you are ready to begin private sessions with me here's what you need to know.


- Certified Crystal Healer: I will incorporate my knowledge for healing crystals into our sessions as recommendations to assist you with various goals.  I will also guide you on how to clear blockages within your Chakras to unlock more of your potential and energy.

- Certified Tantra Practitioner: My knowledge of energy with a focus on sexual (creative) energy is something I will use often to help guide you towards releasing blockages that may be hindering you from expressing yourself due to past traumas and future fears.  

- Certified Yoga Instructor:  Many of the asanas (poses) done on the yoga mat are very symbolic for how we move through life.  In our sessions I will bring in various breathing exercises that you can incorporate immediately to help you with relating more powerfully towards any stress.  These breathing exercises can assist you with releasing anxiety and embracing the flow of life.  I will also recommend movements that can be done with your body that will bring flexibility not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

- Certified YDBG Coach: My certification as a YDBG Coach allows me to give you access to a state of the art app where we can set daily habits and see in real time the deposits you are making into yourself to ensure you are on track for the goals you have set.

- Sacred Woman: My studies under Queen Afua have given me knowledge on holistic living, womb health, and spiritual rituals that helps loving support you as you transitions through the tides of your life changes.

- Manifestation Coach: I have been teaching manifestation and the power of moon cycles for nearly 10 years.  In our sessions we will talk about your goals and I will give you a specific technique I have shared with thousands to help your goals manifest.  Through this form of coaching you will become aware of the cycles of the moon and know exactly how to align with them to access the potent energy.


6 Month Coaching Package includes:

- Twice a month 90 minute strategy/processing video sessions

- Set goals around your daily habits (water intake, nutrition, meditation, reading empowering literature, strength building, breathing exercises, flexibility, cleansing, journaling)  and adding them into a streamlined app where you can track your progress daily.  You will also gain access to view my daily habits so you can see how I as your coach am showing up in my daily life.

- Focus on manifesting an Epic Goal and nourishing it to fruition 

- Character development

- Empowerment

- Improving self talk to maintain your power



- Be on time for our sessions and stay committed to our appointments we set.

- Execute the assignments and goals as discussed in our sessions.

- Honor your commitment to our partnership.

*Payment Plans: Bi Weekly payments can be paid with an additional $25 per month service fee that will be added in with the first of the months payment.  All late payments will incur a $50 fee.    To set up payment plans, please send an email to TiffanyJanayBrand@gmail.com 
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"I am so glad that Tiffany is sharing one of her many gifts in this way. This personal guidance reading was so affirming for me. I felt like the weight of all of my angst and worry about the future had no place. The reading was exactly what I needed to hear and specific to where I am in my life. 

Starting out with some breathing really helped me to release my jitters before entering that moment of vulnerability and sharing what was on my mind. She offered me so much good advice from a practical and spiritual perspective, which I really appreciated. I felt comfortable talking to Tiffany and I can't help but anticipate the manifestation of all the things that were revealed. Much love to those with gifts that share. Thank you Tiffany J." YA

"I absolutely loved my reading with Tiffany Janay! I have been following her for quite some time now as I feel intrigued by her messages.

I am also a customer and was excited to hear that she decided to include readings in her service offerings.
My reading was so on point! It helped affirmed things that I already knew and also helped to bring out the things that I needed in order to continue growing on my life's journey.

Tiffany's energy is very good and she is also very personable. I felt as though I was talking to my blood sister.
She gave me actionable items that will yield amazing results if I choose to show up and do the work.

This was the push I needed to get back on track. I would definitely recommend her readings and other services."  Shari