Personal Guidance Reading


Personal Guidance Reading

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Tiffany Janay, has acquired many accolades over her life travels that helps her provide premium guidance to her clients.

As a Certified Crystal Healer, yoga instructor, Sacred Woman, Tantra practitioner, and long time student of holistic healing- she has many modalities to gather insight from.

Intuitive energy reading is something she was raised to know how to tune into.  Her mother, Ask Smokey, has been an expert level energy reader all of Tiffany's life.  At a very young age her mother began nurturing her gifts and taught her fluency in the language of energy.

During your session, sacred space will be created for you and you will have the undivided attention of Tiffany.  You will walk away with a clearer vision on your next steps.

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"I am so glad that Tiffany is sharing one of her many gifts in this way. This personal guidance reading was so affirming for me. I felt like the weight of all of my angst and worry about the future had no place. The reading was exactly what I needed to hear and specific to where I am in my life. 

Starting out with some breathing really helped me to release my jitters before entering that moment of vulnerability and sharing what was on my mind. She offered me so much good advice from a practical and spiritual perspective, which I really appreciated. I felt comfortable talking to Tiffany and I can't help but anticipate the manifestation of all the things that were revealed. Much love to those with gifts that share. Thank you Tiffany J." YA

"You read my situation correctly. I appreciate your insight lady." Darlisa

"Thank you Tiffany Janay for an incredible reading .

I was extremely lost and not at peace with myself having received a reading from someone else about a year ago I was taking to heart some of the things this lady had said mainly things about my daughter so not fulfilling the path she said I needed to be on made me believe that where I am right now at this very moment was not where i was supposed to be.

Which was leading me to seek out relationships that could potentially get me to where I was supposed to be going only causing more heartache and confusion.

Me and Tiffany have know each other since we were kids in high school and so when I found out she did readings I had to have one.

Before we began she was telling me that she feels I needed to be more confident in myself and that I needed to get right with myself before I could enter into a relationship and that i was putting so much expectations on the men I was dating because i was trying to be SAVED by them .

When she pulled my cards it was crazy the cards just said exactly the same things that she just said i was blown away on how accurate she was!!

I am at peace now knowing that all I need to do is spend time alone with my thoughts and with God and that I am enough and don't need a man in mine and my daughters life to feel complete and also that if i am supposed to relocate with my daughter some day that God will open doors and that i dont have to stress about it today.
It's like so much weight has been lifted off of me and i can just live in the moment.

I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone who is looking for some guidance she is the real deal." Angel

"I absolutely loved my reading with Tiffany Janay! I have been following her for quite some time now as I feel intrigued by her messages.

I am also a customer and was excited to hear that she decided to include readings in her service offerings.
My reading was so on point! It helped affirmed things that I already knew and also helped to bring out the things that I needed in order to continue growing on my life's journey.

Tiffany's energy is very good and she is also very personable. I felt as though I was talking to my blood sister.
She gave me actionable items that will yield amazing results if I choose to show up and do the work.

This was the push I needed to get back on track. I would definitely recommend her readings and other services."  Shari

"Listen. I have had plenty of Readings in my day. My Reading with Tiffany was the most clear, practical, and mind blowing.
Because she is still very grounded, her advice wasn't so "woo-woo" to where my next steps where vague and high-level, but very actionable and easy to implement (granted you are willing to do the work).

After our Reading, I had so much clarity on what I was creating, what I am creating, and how I can pivot to play on a higher playing field.

I cannot wait to roll my sleeves up and get to work.

I would highly recommend a Reading with Tiffany, of you're ready to understand areas you're unclear about and a roadmap to get to where you could possibly be." Rachel


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