4 Week Orgasm Challenge

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4 Week Orgasm Challenge



Orgasms can be an illusive dream of yours that feels so close yet so far away from obtaining. Perhaps its been such a challenge to experience that you’ve written it off as not for you. NO!! You deserve pleasure; it is your birthright! Orgasming is very different from climaxing and while a climax doesn’t have to be the goal in sex, orgasming is a sign that you are enjoying the connection, that you are comfortable, and that you are thoroughly consenting to the experience.

Its quite natural for women to disassociate while having sex and it can be due to past trauma, fear to speak up and say what pleasures you, or not knowing what pleasures you at all.


We will spend the next 4 weeks together beginning October 7 exploring the great mystery of orgasms with the intention of helping you move past your blockages so you can deepen your orgasming abilities. Here’s what to expect:

Week 1

We will explore what an orgasm is and the many different types you can have. We will address typical blockages to achieving orgasms and how to get comfortable moving past them.

Week 2

Self-pleasuring and taking responsibility for your pleasure. Getting to know your body.

Week 3

Using tools to support you towards being orgasmic. Introducing you to the touchless orgasm.

Week 4

Opening your mouth to speak up for yourself. Teaching your partner how to support you towards orgasm, Orgasmic breathing exercise together.

Orgasmic Homework Will Include:

Self pleasure day

Find orgasmic energy in everything

Moving beyond disassociating during sex

Claiming your right to pleasure

BONUS: I surveyed 10 different men of different ages, ethnicities, and sexual experience and asked them how they like to be guided during sex. Their answers will shock you!! I will share this durning our class.

We will meet via video class every Monday of October at 7 PM PST/10 PM EST for 90 minutes. There will be time for Q&A. You will be added to a private group on Facebook where we can share resources, stories, and our progress.

*If you are unable to make it to the live class its ok! The playback will be sent after the live so you can access it at anytime.

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