Old School & Soul Food Supper Club

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Old School & Soul Food Supper Club


No expense has been spared to produce the highest vibrational, luxury plant-based meal possible.

WHEN: March 23 from 5- 7 PM

WHERE: Paia (address given after registration)

As our honored member of our supper club for the evening, you will be treated to a curated event that includes socializing activities, a vinyl DJ set that will have us playing musical chairs, and exceptional food to compliment the high vibes.

Healing foods, crafted with love, can be praised as deities in edible form. Our chef has chosen the freshest ingredients, grown here on our beautiful island, and has crafted them in a holistic way using artisanal techniques, recreating recipes the way her ancestors would have. Before food was mass produced and processed for profit, our ancestors used intention to create foods that would nourish their loved ones and keep them vibrant and healthy. That intention and love has been put into each and every aspect of our menu.

It's not just about being “vegan.” it should also be healthy and taste really good. Our menu for the evening is made from all whole ingredients with no cans, artificial flavors, or mock meats. It’s also gluten free, using 95% all locally grown ingredients.

No expense has been spared to produce the highest vibrational meal possible. It doesn’t matter what type of diet or lifestyle you usually have; if for only this evening, come and taste plants glorified with flavor and texture that will leave your soul singing and wanting more for days to come.


This party is for adults only.


- All vinyl old school set spun by Dj Chad The Curator

- Social interaction activities that will keep you playing musical chairs

- Supporting local farms & producer: O’Koa, Fairyland Farms, Lapaau Farms, & Maui Tempeh



2 Color Cabbage Coleslaw with a homemade tahini garlic sauce.


Fried Oyster Mushrooms

Battered with a chickpea and house-made Hawaiian grown cassava flour seasoned with black pepper, Himalayan salt, and exotic spices from around the world.

Black Eyed Peas & Dirty Rice

Seasoned with southern cajun spices, featuring organic basmati rice blended with Maui grown vegetables and herbs and flavor accented with smoked Maui Tempeh (made from adzuki beans).

Sautéed Collard Greens

Grown on island and sautéed to perfection made reminiscent of the way grandma from the south would make them.

Candied Mac Nut Maui Yams

Flavored to bring out the floral undertone flavor of the yams. Candied using organic sugar and Ayurvedic spice blends.


Banana Pudding Cake

Maui Coconut Milk vanilla pudding, Maui Bananas, and a banana gluten free cake.


Prince Purple Rain Juice

Butterfly pea tea sweetened with freshly pressed sugarcane juice and the tangy sour flavor thanks to freshly harvested lilikoi.


Plant-based chef, Tiffany Janay, has been thinking (thinking in food?) in food since she was a child. She was taught by the elders in her family how to cook and when she embarked on a healing journey in her early twenties, she learned how to take those foundational skills and turn them into preparing foods that not only taste good, but that are also supportive to the body’s efforts to heal itself.

She has cooked food for many people and has seen miraculous transformations occur in people’s lives. She believes that the kitchen is a laboratory where potions and elixirs are crafted to bring vitality to the recipients, so she takes her time in sourcing ingredients and preparing the foods to reflect the knowledge in her DNA to use food as medicine.

She is known for cooking delicious meals from scratch, even going as far as making her own non-dairy milks and flours, that exude exceptional flavor and freshness. You can taste every ounce of love and intention she puts into each bite.


"After having a meal prepared by Tiffany Janay you could actually taste the love and caring and balance that’s she distributes all through her meal preparation and presentation. The dinner was divine, and knowing that it was food for my soul that was healthy was a bonus. If you ever get a chance to have a meal prepared by Tiffany Janay, I promise you will never forget the love that was presented in her meals from the appetizers to the entrée and of course to do the Desert you will be totally satisfied. And craving for more." Linda C

“One of the first lessons I learned in the kitchen that has stayed with me through my entire cooking career is that energy and attitude are palpable ingredients in any dish. I have been blessed with opportunities to experience the end result of food cooked with intention, with pure Love as a key ingredient and have tried to emulate that every time I step into a kitchen. To sit and enjoy Tiffany Janay’s food is one of the finest examples of of that experience. The care that is taken during preparation (all the way from produce selection to plate presentation) and sheer positivity she exudes gets infused into each bite. She is a budding culinary alchemist and I truly look forward to seeing and tasting what she will do next!” Jeremy Jarvis

" I believe you make a better doctor with foods then the experts with medication. You have a real talent." Grady

"Tiffany is a conscious kitchen creatrix. She pours loving intention into her culinary offerings and it shows in how beautiful, tasty and healthy her foods are prepared and served. Nourishing, filling, yummy varieties, high vibrational ingredients, bringing vitality and satiating the belly of the soul. Mahalo Tiff for feeding me so righteously!" Jocelyn

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